Fixing cuts and grazes

Essential Benefits of Investing in a Compounding Automated Ordering System

As the pervasiveness of automation in the healthcare industry continues to grow, the future looks bright for pharmacy owners. If you have just graduated from a pharmacy school and have secured a loan to start a drug store, then you must give priority to the automation of the compounding ordering system. While it might seem like a strategic idea to begin with a manual system, especially if you are bootstrapping, you might be opening yourself to a myriad of problems. Read More 

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Fixing cuts and grazes

My kids are always tripping over and having small medical issues. I keep a decent supply of bandages and antiseptic solution at home because being able to treat a minor cut can sometimes prevent you from having a serious medical issue down the track. I have prepared a basic list of the stuff that I think any parents can do with keeping in the cupboard at home. You can get all of the supplies that I recommend from your local pharmacy, and they can also recommend any other products that might be useful to keep on hand depending on the lifestyle of your family.