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Who needs help from compounding pharmacies?

A compounding pharmacy is a typical pharmacy that also makes medicines in alternative forms. There are children and adults with special needs for their medication that aren't available in manufactured drugs, so the pharmacist prepares alternative forms, such as flavoring liquid for children, or making a topical for someone who can't take medication by mouth. Here are some good candidates for compounding medications.

People With Severe Allergies 

Someone that suffers from a lot of severe or complex allergies may not be able to take most over-the-counter or prescription drugs available. For example, someone with autism might be extremely sensitive to certain medication ingredients, which could worsen their psychological difficulties. In this case, the pharmacist could prepare medications specifically for them that help with their pain or ailment, but don't contain the ingredients they are allergic to.

Someone With Fear of Swallowing Pills

Anyone who can't swallow pills is a good candidate for compounding medications, from a child who is too young for pills, to someone with a sore throat who has difficulty with big pills. However, it is especially useful for someone who has a fear or anxiety of swallowing pills. This is a common fear among people who have previously choked on a large pill or who suffer from an anxiety disorder. A compounding pharmacist can turn the capsule or tablet either into a liquid or a chewable tablet that is much easier to take.

Children Who Want Flavored Liquids

If you have a child that makes taking their liquid medication a constant struggle, it might not be due to the medication itself, but the taste. Some liquid medications can be very bitter, but a compounding pharmacist can fix it by adding in different flavors. When your child takes a liquid prescription medication that tastes like cherries or grapes, it is much easier to encourage them to take it as needed without putting up too much of a fuss.

Someone Who Takes a Lot of Different Pills

Any individual that takes a large number of pills in a day, especially when it is multiple quantities of the same type of medication, could benefit from a compounding pharmacy. The pharmacist can combine the multiple medications into a single tablet or capsule, which reducing how many pills in total they have the take in order to get the required amount of medication. This is a huge benefit to someone with a chronic condition, severe pain, or a disease like cancer where multiple medications are common.

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Fixing cuts and grazes

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